Dear Patient / Visitor,

If you were to ever visit our facility, you probably won't even recognize it for what it actually is. Instead, you will find yourself looking for the front desk in order to book a room for yourself. And Even before stepping foot inside the place, you’ll find complimentary on-site and valet parking. Drive in into the foyer, passing by a giant screen television; the beats of oriental classical music instantly grab your ear.A showcase of great art and museum-quality paintings adorning the walls, a purveyor of privacy and a sanctuary of refined taste. You might think you’ve just entered a luxury boutique hotel but you are standing in the soaring lobby of the elegantly and beautifully designed Royale Hayat Hospital that could easily pass for a five-star hotel.

As you walk through the reception you are not greeted by the familiar stench of antiseptic but instead by beautiful hostesses with their warm and welcoming smiles, a waft of fresh cut flowers and natural oils and the lilting live tunes of ‘Kim’ music that take you through to what can only be described as a luxury healthcare experience.

Royale Hayat Hospital is the best example of a hospital in Kuwait and probably in the region that uniquely blends the artistic and human scale to find truth in the therapeutic features of hospital design, where Luxury is combined with extreme comfort, absolute serenity and refinement tinged with discretion. But that’s not alone what makes us unique. Our difference is also built on the exceptional quality of our healthcare professionals and our exceptionally talented clinical staff. Since RHH was first launched we have strived to attract and assemble a team of the crème de la crème of physicians, nurses and clinicians.

So, If you were looking to start or grow your family, then consider that your child and its mother will be in the hands of experienced and skilled people who instinctively understand how precious it is to bring a new life into this world. The hospital assists in every step of this wondrous journey from conception and planning, pre-natal, birthing and post natal care.

We are nationally recognized and renowned for patient-centered care and nursing excellence, meaning that our patients receive an extraordinary level of care we call The Royale Hayat Experience.

On behalf of all our staff, we wish you an informative read and – if you come to us as a patient – a pleasant stay in our hospital and a good recovery!

Kindest regards,
Royale Hayat Hospital ...your destination for better health and to celebrate life!.

With best wishes,
Pradeep K Handa
Chairman, Royale Hayat Executive Board