The launch of Royale Hayat Hospital in 2006, as a manifestation of our Group’s vision to develop a Women’s & Children’s healthcare institute that would blend quality medical care with luxurious hospitality services, signalled a new day and alandmark for healthcare and wellness in Kuwait. For over a decade since its institution, RHH has systematically evolved into a full-fledged hospital and established itself as a referral hub for women’s and children’s healthcare excellence in Kuwait.

Given the rapid growth and progress we achieved in both medical expertise and customer care within a short span of time following the launch of RHH, we decided in 2009 to expand our medical services to include multi-specialties that we felt would best serve our customers and benefit overall health services in Kuwait, such as our new Obesity Surgery Center

Ever since that date, we have dynamically expanded to represent a gamut of health services like our ENT program, which complements our Obesity Program in the treatment of Sleep Apnea. Our emphasis on minimally invasive techniques has led to further development in Laparoscopic Programs, Reproductive Medicine and Pain Management.

Similarly, our partners in Dental and Cosmetic Surgery have also stepped up their operations in 2011, with larger and luxurious facilities and to include many visiting internationally acclaimed experts. Furthermore, we have added services that we think best encompass the spectrum of our customer’s holistic health needs and we look forwardto adding many more specialties that continually drive our excellence as a premium luxury healthcare provider.

We are fully aware that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of you and your family. Hence, we are committed to provide you with finest and most advanced medical services delivered in an environment of compassion, comfort, and personal touch. Our world-class team of doctors, nurses and physicians, and support staff, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, always endeavor to offer you some of our finest healthcare services in a hospitable and patient-centered environment.

Today, the Royale Hayat Hospital justifiably stands as the best example of a hospital in Kuwait, and probably in the region, that succeeded in uniquely blending hospitality and luxurious ambience with expert healthcare.