At Royale Hayat Hospital we have a clear vision of Clinical Pharmacist profession. Challenge Clinical pharmacist enhances safe and effective Evidence-based medication practice, promoting patient care and safe medication use.

The way we deliver clinical Pharmacy service at Royal Hayat Hospital using different tools and electronic systems allow the clinical pharmacist effectively and efficiently to deliver patient care in a time manner.



  • Provides pharmaceutical care by collaborating with all healthcare providers.
  • Develop therapeutic care plan for patient
  • Patient Medication education at discharge.
  • Multi-disciplinary base approach.
  • Medication reconciliation at admission and discharge.
  • Review Patient Medication History.
  • Drug Review, evaluation and assessment
  • Follow up care plan for the patient.

Medication Therapy management (MTM) service at Royale Hayat Hospital designed to improve collaboration among clinical Pharmacist and other healthcare professionals; enhance communication between our patients and all healthcare team.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services empower patients to take an active role in their medications. The services are dependent upon clinical pharmacist working collaboratively with physicians, consultants, surgeons, nurses and nutrionist to optimize medication use in accordance with evidence-based guidelines.

MTM services are distinct from medication dispensing and focus on patient-centered, MTM services encompass the assessment and evaluation of the patient's complete medication therapy regimen.

Patients are involved in decision making for MTM, patients educated about their medication in away:

  • Why they need to take this medication?
  • Name, strength, shape of the medication.
  • How to take the medications
  • Undersirable side effects of the medication..
  • Drug- Drug interaction.

Clinical pharmacist is available to answer all your inquiry about your medication.

  For enquiries please call 2536 0000