Should your baby develop any problems and require critical care, Royale Hayat Hospital is uniquely equipped to take care of your newborn. Our Neonatal Unit has the highest possible distinction of being the only unit in the private healthcare sector with a Level III status which means that it has access to consultants, surgeons and ancillary services that allow treatment across the full range of neonatal problems. We provide daily neonatal consultant led care and on call services for babies born from 24 weeks gestation onwards.

It comprises 23 neonatal cots/incubator spaces in three areas, providing varying levels of care, including:

  • 7 Intensive cots
  • 15 Special Care Baby cots
  • 1 Isolation cot

Our Neonatal Unit is staffed with an experienced team of neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners who provide 24-hour care using the most advanced technologies. We have access to specialists including surgery, cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, and more.

We also have a highly skilled Neonatal Transport Team that transport critically ill newborns from any other facility in Kuwait to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit utilizing ground transportation.

We treat babies with simple and complex problems like prematurity, respiratory disease, including hyaline membrane disease, pneumonia, congenital malformations, genetic abnormalities, neonatal infections, neonatal neurological and metabolic disorders. We offer on-site in the Neonatal Unit: services such as a blood gas analysis, lactation services, nutritional services, pharmaceutical services, and advanced neonatal respiratory therapy, including nitric oxide and high frequency ventilation.

What this means simply is that we are more experienced and better equipped to care for premature and critically ill newborns.

Royale Hayat Hospital Neonatal Care delivery meets the international standards of Vermont Oxford Network practices.

The Neonatal Unit of RHH, is a member of the Vermont Oxford Network. A Worldwide community of practice for improving the quality, safety and value of care for Newborns & their families.

Our practice is based on Vermont Oxford Network international benchmarked standards of Neonatal care.

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