Our Anesthesiology Department can be considered as the “safety valve”, where the hospital deals with patients in their most critical conditions. We understand that the most important concern for all of our patients when they undergo a surgery or give birth is the complete safety of the procedure.

Royale Hayat Hospital is famous for all the latest technology methods of anesthesia (general anesthesia, local, conscious, partial, half-or ultra-epidural needle, needle back). In these techniques relies the principle of safety and security as we can control the dose by measuring the brain waves based on the latest technology in anesthesia. With the diversity of experience in this section and by providing the latest equipment and techniques we can deal with patients of all ages.

Our experts provide you an advanced and safe surgery during the childbirth process, especially with programs that provides sophisticated and diverse nature of the condition accepted by the patient from the hands of consultants specializing in anesthesia and intensive care.

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