‘Leading Sustainable Change’ - Ms. Leslee Thompson, CEO of Accreditation Canada Talks to Healthcare Professionals at Royale Hayat Hospital

September 2019

Royale Hayat Hospital, accredited through Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum InternationalTM program, has been recognized as the Best Hospital in Kuwait, for nine years in a row, by Service Hero. Royale Hayat Hospital is considered the ideal destination for better health, as well as celebrating life’s most significant moments.

Since its inception in 2006, Royale Hayat Hospital has focused on sustainability while offering high-quality personalized care. This hospital takes pride in delivering utmost comfort in a relaxing environment, which improves the patient and visitor experience.

“Continuous quality improvement and learning is key for organizations sustaining quality and personalized care,” notes Ms. Leslee Thompson, CEO of Accreditation Canada (AC). Thompson visited Royale Hayat Hospital on September 2, 2019 to speak about the importance of continuous quality improvement amongst health care leaders in Kuwait.

AC’s Qmentum InternationalTM program supports and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to excellence. The driving force behind Qmentum accreditation is the People-Powered Health TM movement. It involves collaborating with patients, care and service providers, educators and policy makers, while also offering the tools and resources to help all providers maintain a culture of people-centered care.

Ms. Thompson further emphasized that management must be committed to creating an environment conducive to positive change and sustainable quality care. Executive leaders need to act as role models, support their teams and leverage interdepartmental cooperation for effective change management. Interdepartmental cooperation and effective communication are prominent concerns in many health care organizations.

The meeting was attended by senior health care leaders and quality professionals from various hospitals in Kuwait. Dr. Abubakr Elmardi, Chief Strategy Officer of the Royale Hayat Hospital, provided an overview of the hospital and its services. Mr. Dennis Joseph welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker, Ms. Leslee Thompson. Ms. Safa Al Masri made the closing remarks.