After one and a half decades of a lovely journey through pride and achievement...

March 2023

"Hitting two birds with one stone" is what the Royale Hayat Hospital does!
It is a great honor that Kuwait’s Royale Hayat Hospital has once again been recognized as the best private hospital for the 13th consecutive year by SERVICE HERO and 3rd Highest Ranking Brands in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) in the state of Kuwait. Every year, the entire Royale Hayat team—management and staff—works hard to not only be the greatest, but also significantly impact the healthcare sector. Because of its ongoing innovation, empathy, enthusiasm, and distinctive attitude and approach toward its customers, the Royale Hayat Team has consistently demonstrated its “dominance” in the healthcare sector, earning it this coveted honor. This is one of the primary outcomes of the arduous efforts and dedication made by a magnificent hospital team to not only continuously strive for and develop a distinctive facility but also to serve as the best healthcare providers for both general and maternal care.


And there goes the saying, “What you sow is what you reap”. Along with the aforementioned prestigious award is another overflowing effort in the selection of the Chairman of Royale Hayat Hospital by FORBES as one of the Top 100 Best Leaders in the field of healthcare in the current year 2023. A truly heartwarming proof that a ‘beautiful team’ stems from a ‘beautiful leader”.
Congratulations to Royale Hayat Hospital and its Chairman, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Handa.