Preventive cardiac care is a proven investment in good health and longevity. Individuals recovering from heart surgery, or angioplasty, with congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, angina, or heart attack have found that a key factor in preventing more damage to the heart is to get education, training and support from health professionals.

Our Cardiology unit offers a Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiac Program that provides the support and training necessary to prolong life and reduce heart disease risk factors. People who benefit most from this outpatient program are those who have risk factors for coronary artery disease and those who have had recent heart condition treatments. The unit offers diagnoses, treatments and preventive care for both common and complex conditions of the heart, blood vessels and circulation system in adult patients. Our Cardiologist performs a general physical check-up that includes acute coronary syndrome health check and hypertensive health check.

Our Services include:

  • Complete check up and monitoring of the heart
  • Preventive screening for cardiac disease
  • Follow up with hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cholesterol
  • Diagnosis & treatment of coronary heart disease(acne)
  • Echo-cardiograph
  • Stress EKG/ ECG (Electro-cardiogram) and arrhythmia

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