We offer a full spectrum of imaging services – including MRI, CT, sports medicine imaging, arthrography, musculoskeletal ultrasound, bone biopsies and bone mineral density studies – to diagnose all disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Among those who come within the purview of Musculoskeletal Imaging are patients with disorders of the spine, upper and lower extremities, arthritis, and cancers of the soft tissue and bones. The Musculoskeletal Imaging team strives to utilize the least invasive technology for diagnosis, advancing to more complex options only as warranted.

In addition to performing minimally-invasive bone and soft tissue biopsies under ultrasonographic and CT guidance, we also perform pain management procedures including injecting medications into spine and joints, aspiration of cysts or infected fluid collections.

Our state-of-the art, multi-channel, 128-slice CT scanner allows exquisite three-dimensional reconstructions of any body part that are routinely requested by referring surgeons performing complicated orthopedic procedures or joint replacements.

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