We provide comprehensive services to assist in diagnosing disorders in children. These services range from plain film radiography to CT, MRI, fetal MRI, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and interventional procedures.

Underscoring its leadership position, the unit has introduced the first dedicated pediatric MRI unit fully supported by pediatric anesthesiology. The consistent availability of sedation in a stand-alone facility for a defined patient population significantly advances the efficacy and quality of pediatric care.

Pediatric Imaging works closely with the Department of Pediatrics and pediatric subspecialists to provide timely, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment. They interpret images in all modalities and also perform imaging-guided interventional procedures, including biopsies and drainages.

The spectrum of pediatric disease is wide and ranges from congenital anomalies involving the brain, spine , chest or abdomen through infection, or malignancy.

These diseases may lead to serious consequences and are best diagnosed at an earlier stage. The ability to deal with children is an important way to efficiently manage and diagnose these complaints.

Our protocols for x-ray and CT for the pediatric age group include the most up to date techniques that utilize the lowest radiation doses, CARE Dose™ and CARE Vision™ which have achieved dose reductions as high as 93% from similar machines, making pediatric imaging a safe and sound modality.

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