Royale Hayat Hospital Celebrated “World Patient Safety Day”

September 2021

As part of the World Patient Safety Day Celebration, Royale Hayat Hospital organized a one week program to raise awareness on the relevance of providing safe and quality care by skilled healthcare professionals and engaging patient in a supportive environment.

It is unfortunate that for the past 20 months, expecting mothers and newborn babies had to undergo inordinate adversity due to COVID-19 pandemic. Being one of the most vulnerable, the expecting mothers and her family had to confront several traumatic experiences during her pregnancy and child birth especially during this time.

World Health Organization, realizing the importance, identified the theme for 2021 “Act now for safe and respectful childbirth” and advised all the healthcare providers to accelerate actions necessary for ensuring ‘Safe maternal and newborn care’. Quality and Accreditation Directorate, Ministry of Health Kuwait as a response to the WHO manifesto, appealed to all healthcare organizations in Kuwait via their Circular Ref: 742 dated 10 Aug 2021, to join this campaign and enable, engage and empower patients and their families in this endeavor to accomplish patient safety.

Recognizing patient safety as a key health priority, Royale Hayat Hospital organized various programs that include arranging a booth from 12 to 16 September at the hospital entrance to provide educational materials and explain to the patients and their relatives the significance of their involvement.

Royale Hayat also organized virtual education sessions on 15th and 16th Sept. 2021 for expectant mothers that covered topics such as:
1.LAMAZE - Giving birth with confidence
2.Eating right during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
3.Pain Management during labor and delivery
4.Your baby’s journey - From birth to discharge
5.Breastfeeding the best choice for every baby

Moreover, the hospital conducted Patient Safety Quiz, as part of World Patient Safety Day, for the entire staff where 100 employees (Ten Teams) consisting of Physicians, Nurses and others participated and won several prizes.